Posted 21-04-2020
Concern about plight of homeless people during pandemic

Karyn Walsh is CEO of Micah Projects, an organisation fighting to end homelessness in Brisbane. She took part in an online forum with other organisations to discuss ways to help homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted 21-04-2020
Homelessness services call for masks, gloves and affordable housing during COVID-19 crisis

A lack of personal protective equipment for workers and fewer volunteers to distribute food are just two of the challenges Australia’s homelessness services are grappling with during the coronavirus crisis.

The issues were raised at a forum on the responses to rough sleeping during the COVID-19 crisis held on Wednesday.

Posted 21-04-2020
Impacts of COVID-19 on people experiencing homelessness

Public health interventions that have been implemented in an effort to slow the spread of novel coronavirus infections world-wide are nearly impossible to follow in the environments where people experiencing homelessness live.

An online forum, hosted by the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness on 7 April, provided organisations from each state and territory an opportunity to discuss how they are supporting people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic.

Posted 21-04-2020
COVID-19 pandemic online forum to discuss impact on homeless Australians during unprecedented times

An independent advocate for the preventing and ending of homelessness in Australia is hosting an online forum on April 7, 2020.

The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) believes, "Despite the common misconception to the contrary, the scale of homelessness in Australia is both preventable and solvable."