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Posted 13-05-2021
AAEH Statement on Australian Labor Party's Housing Australia Future Fund

The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) offers the following comments on Labor’s Housing Australia Future Fund announcement.

Posted 07-05-2021
AAEH Media Release: Urgent government action needed to ensure people experiencing homelessness can access the COVID-19 vaccine

With no plans in place to ensure access to COVID-19 vaccinations for people experiencing homelessness, the Australian Health, Housing and Homelessness Network (A3HN) and the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) are calling for urgent action from the Australian and state governments.

Posted 29-03-2021
AAEH Media Release: The Australian Health, Housing & Homelessness Network (A3HN) to host inaugural national forum about COVID-19 impacts on people sleeping rough

In its inaugural national forum on Friday 23 April, the Australian Health, Housing & Homelessness Network (A3HN), supported by cohealth in Victoria and Micah Projects in Queensland, will explore the impact of COVID-19 on people sleeping rough, what action is being taken and what more needs to occur.

Posted 10-03-2021
AAEH Media Release: New event series to shed light on how ending veterans rough sleeping homelessness in Australia is possible

On March 18, The Salvation Army, RSL Queensland and the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH), will together launch a new event series to drive awareness and understanding of how to end veterans rough sleeping homelessness.

Posted 17-02-2021
AAEH Media Release: Australian Alliance to End Homelessness to run a series of training sessions dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in Australia

In 2020, the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) launched for the first time a series of public webinars and training sessions to help communities across Australia end homelessness.

This year, a new series of virtual training sessions will run to equip individuals, communities and organisations with the tools and knowledge they need to not just better manage or reduce homelessness but to end it.

Posted 21-12-2020
AAEH Media Release: Policy change needed to address rough sleeping homelessness this festive season

As we approach the Christmas break, the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness is calling for policy change on top of charity efforts this festive season to end homelessness in Australia for good.

Posted 28-09-2020
AAEH Media Release: Training program launched to help Australian communities end homelessness

A new, public training and webinar series has been launched by the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) to help communities across the country end homelessness.

The webinar series is a first of its kind in Australia and aims to inform and equip individuals, communities and organisations with the tools necessary to end homelessness across the country.

Posted 13-08-2020
Ground Zero

A move to learn the names and stories of the homeless is driving a bid to cut Adelaide's rough sleeper numbers to effectively nothing.

Posted 13-08-2020
UniSA brings industry expertise and research together to strive for zero homelessness

“There’s no doubt that homelessness is a complex and multilayered issue, impacted by many factors. But despite common misconceptions, the scale of homelessness is both preventable and solvable; it’s all about priorities.

Take Australia’s response to the pandemic, for example. In the first eight weeks of the Covid-19 crisis, organisations connected to the AAEH have supported more than 5000 people sleeping rough – or at immediate risk of sleeping rough – into temporary shelter. This sort of response shows that we’re able to make immediate change, if we need to. The issue is ensuring we hold onto the change for the long term.” Pearson says.