Posted 05-04-2024
In this issue: Merger milestone, petition launch and more AtoZ wins

Catch up on the latest updates from the AAEH in our April 2024 newsletter.

Posted 21-03-2024
Merger announcement: Australian Alliance to End Homelessness and the Constellation Project

In 2023, the boards of Constellation and the AAEH agreed to consider a closer strategic partnership to support our mutual missions of ending homelessness in Australia. As a result of that work, we have decided to merge our organisations, with Constellation’s work being integrated into the AAEH.

Posted 11-03-2024
AAEH Leadership Academy on Ending Homelessness - 2024

Ending homelessness, strength and visionary leadership is key.

Before landing in South Australia in November 2023, Iain de Jong had delivered the Leadership Academy on Ending Homelessness to over 800 leaders in Canada and the United States. With the growing number of local communities joining the nation- wide Advance to Zero movement, the time to bring the Academy to Australia was right.

In partnership with the AAEH, over 100 delegates from across Australia took part in the Leadership Academy and related leadership events over four days.

A blend of high-level instruction with intensive interactive discussions the leaders emerged from their time together with an increased sense of self, confidence and belief, collective wisdom, new connections and equally as important new insights and discoveries into purposeful and visionary leadership. A lot of fun was also had along the way!

The connections forged and ongoing leadership growth will continue for the delegates, within their workplaces, communities and with the support of the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness, through the Beyond Academy Leadership Sessions in 2024.

AAEH expresses much thanks to Iain de Jong and his team at Org.Code, our wonderful sponsors who believed in the Academy and the leadership growth benefits and opportunities for those that attended, their organisations and communities.

So successful the Academy, AAEH is committed to hosting the Leadership Academy on Ending Homelessness in May 2025, and as the planning gets underway be sure to keep your eye out for updates, including pre-registration options!

Liv Carusi SAAEH Director

What our delegates had to say about the Academy and their biggest takeaways:

"The Leadership Academy reminded me “why” I do what I do and gave me an opportunity to truely engage in reflection of both my and our collective purpose. The table work gave me real life information that I now feel can be readily used in my work in the community with partners and staff"

"The importance of influencing others through the language we use i.e. having an emotional and intellectual appeal in the statements"

"Focusing on our purpose; that we are not working in isolation; we can all learn from each other and build on each other's strengths"


Posted 06-02-2024
Announcement: Change in Board leadership

The AAEH has some important updates regarding the Board, including changes to existing roles and new appointments.

Posted 05-12-2023
Recent AAEH events: ending the year on a high note

The last few months of 2023 have been packed with a series of inspiring AAEH and Advance to Zero events across the country, including the Advance to Zero National Showcase in Brisbane, an in-person Learning Session in Melbourne and the inaugural Leadership Academy on Ending Homelessness in Adelaide.

National Showcase

On October 8, the AAEH held our Advance to Zero National Showcase in Brisbane, and what an event it was. SAAEH Director and key event organiser, Liv Carusi, provided the following summary of the evening:

“Overlooking the spectacular river and city, over 70 people gathered at Rydges in Brisbane to break bread, enjoy one another’s company and discover new insights into our Advance to Zero efforts.

We kicked off the evening with inspiring words from Tom Dalton, CEO of Neami National, our major event sponsor. Tom encouraged everyone to take away new insights and consider joining the Advance to Zero movement.

David Pearson then shared discoveries and learnings from his recent Churchill Fellowship. He spoke about how ending homelessness is absolutely possible, and shared examples of where this has already occurred.

Presentations then followed by leaders from Brisbane Zero, Victoria (Launch Housing), South Australia (South Australian Alliance to End Homelessness and Adelaide Zero Project) and Western Australia (Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness).

A common thread in their messages:

  • Belief that ending homelessness is achievable.
  • Dedication to the Advance to Zero framework.
  • Local, community-driven collaboration.
  • Embracing learning from mistakes, without blame.
  • Sharing knowledge, resources, and celebrating each community's victories.

I take this opportunity to thank Ash and Tahlia from AAEH in providing vital event support, to all the presenters who showed up and do what they do best, to our major sponsor Neami National and event sponsor Micah Projects, and all the folks that gathered! It was a privilege to have supported this event.”

Leadership Academy

Throughout 2023, there have been many success points and highlights for our movement right around the country reflective of the commitment and dedication of folks towards our vision of ending homelessness. The inaugural 2023 Leadership Academy is one of our success points.

The program offered and delivered by Iain De Jong was designed to enrich, equip and provoke critical thinking about our individual and collective understanding of leadership and the place of leadership towards ending homelessness.

From the get-go, it was extremely pleasing to witness and be part of the story where delegates threw themselves into the program, from table discussions, larger group discussions, the networking and new connections made over the four days.

Beyond the Academy, an Academy information pack has been created, which provides a range of Academy resources, a Slack group has been established to continue the leadership discussions and four online leadership sessions will be offered in 2024 facilitated by Iain. AAEH is also committed, with Iain, to offer the Academy in 2025.

Iain has also shared with us how much he enjoyed the Academy experience. Thanks folks for making Iain’s time with us enjoyable.

Advance to Zero Learning Session

On October 25 and 26, 100 Advance to Zero community members, staff and sector allies gathered in Melbourne for our annual in-person Learning Session.

It was wonderful to see so many members of our movement gathered in the same room, sharing ideas and learning from each other. Across two days, we heard from presenters who spoke to a range of topics and provided updates on how their communities are progressing towards ending homelessness. There were moments of celebration for the progress that's been made so far, and opportunities for problem-solving, meeting new colleagues and working collaboratively.

Thank you to everyone who attended and presented at the session. A huge thank you also goes out to Rian Watt and Erin Healy from Community Solutions for their brilliant work in facilitating the sessions and for making the trek to Australia from the United States. We can't wait to see you all next time!

Posted 11-10-2023
How communities around Australia are proving they can end homelessness

In the September newsletter, we celebrate a key Advance to Zero milestone achieved by Mandurah, share a new briefing document about how the Advance to Zero framework can support disaster resilience, and round up news from the sector.

Posted 29-05-2023
A win for WA and Jurassic Park wisdom

In our May newsletter, we review the new Federal Budget homelessness measures and share an exciting win from the Advance to Zero team in Geraldton.

Posted 24-03-2023
Census homelessness data reveals we can do better than this

In our latest newsletter, we examine the Census data on estimating homelessness and share some updates from around Australia.

Posted 13-02-2023
You're invited: Developing the AHVTT workshops

Help inform the development of a new Australian-specific homelessness assessment tool and catch up on some of the AAEH's recent advocacy updates in this newsletter update.

Posted 23-12-2022
We're hiring!

We're recruiting for four new positions to support the growing work of the AAEH and the WAAEH.