Allied Networks

The AAEH understands that no single person, organisation, or government can tackle homelessness alone. It requires a collective effort including collaboration, data, and coordinated action across governments, as well as a diverse range of organisations and individuals.

With this in mind, we strive to bring together those who share a commitment to ending homelessness through a series of Allied Networks, which we directly support or work closely with. These networks unite practitioners, policymakers, academics, people with lived experience of homelessness, and leaders from both corporate and community sectors, spanning all industries.

Through these networks, we aim to foster greater collaboration, enhance best practices, and advocate for change. Simultaneously, we work to build an increased understanding of the complex and interconnected causes of homelessness while raising awareness of the fact that we can end it.

Find out more information about Allied Networks below, including ways you can get involved.

Australian Health, Housing & Homelessness Network (A3HN)

The Australian Health, Housing and Homelessness Network (A3HN) brings together experts, researchers, practitioners and people with lived experience of the three sectors to support each other’s efforts to end homelessness. By connecting a diverse range of participants from around the country, the network aims to better integrate policy, research and practice across the health, housing and homelessness sectors.

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International Supportive Housing Community of Practice

The International Supportive Housing Community of Practice was established in 2008 (originally as the Common Ground Community of Practice) to support the growth and development of effective, evidence-informed permanent supportive housing models, policies and practices to help end homelessness in Australia.

South Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (SAAEH)

The South Australian Alliance to End Homelessness brings together a range of people and organisations committed to taking action to end homelessness in South Australia. Supported by the AAEH, it is a community of practice or network which supports the implementation of the Advance to Zero Homelessness framework in South Australia, as pioneered by the Adelaide Zero Project.

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Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (WAAEH)

The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (WAAEH) is an independent body of individuals and organisations committed to working together to end homelessness in WA.

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Our collaborators

Brisbane Alliance to End Homelessness (BAEH)

Brisbane Alliance to End Homelessness (BAEH) is an alliance of organisations committed to this vision of ending homelessness in Brisbane.

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End Street Sleeping Collaboration

End Street Sleeping Collaboration (ESSC) is a collective impact initiative whose goal is to halve street sleeping (also known as rough sleeping) across NSW by 2025 and work toward ending it by 2030.

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Melbourne Zero

The Melbourne Zero Network is an alliance of diverse Melbourne-based businesses, brands, organisations, and community groups publicly calling for change and taking practical actions to make zero homelessness a reality in Melbourne.

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Supporting new networks

The AAEH is keen to support additional Allied Networks to bring together people across a diverse range of groups, sectors, and industries that are committed to ending homelessness. If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch. Some current ideas for networks include:

  • State- or territory-based business alliances to end homelessness
  • State- or territory-based alliances to end homelessness (or communities of practice to support the implementation of local Advance to Zero ending homelessness strategies)
  • Australian Local Government Ending Homelessness Network
  • Housing First Leaders/Supportive Housing Growth Network
  • Ending Veterans Homelessness Network
  • Ending Homelessness and Lived Experience Network
  • First Nations Ending Homelessness Community of Practice
  • Australian Faith and Ending Homelessness Network
  • Disability and Ending Homelessness Network
  • Justice and Ending Homelessness Network
  • New Zealand Ending Homelessness Community of Practice