Street To Home Outreach Healthcare. Photography: Katie Bennett.

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Posted 08-07-2022
Australian Zero Summit 2022

We know that ending homelessness is possible, but only if we work together in new ways. That is why on 27 October 2022 the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) will be hosting the inaugural Australian Zero Homelessness Summit, bringing together all the organisations and communities committed to ending homelessness in Australia and to officially launch the Advance to Zero campaign.

The summit will bring together people and organisations across the homelessness, housing, health, and many other sectors, across industries, and all levels of government to ensure everyone has access to the housing and support they need to make sure that any future incidents of homelessness that do occur are rare, brief, and a one-time occurrence.

Australian Zero Summit 2022 - Click here

Posted 04-05-2022
AAEH Upcoming Events

AAEH can provide bespoke expert advice, training, coaching and support for ending homelessness in communities across Australia. Training can be provided on various issues – if there is something you are interested in but it is not listed in the upcoming events, please email us at

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