Brisbane city during 50 Lives 50 Homes registry week in June 2010. Photography: Patrick Hamilton.

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Posted 18-01-2021
Better Understanding the People on the Adelaide Zero Project’s By-Name List

The evidence on acuity and inflows from the September 19 2019 By-Name List data capture


Dr Selina Tually and Professor Ian Goodwin-Smith, May 2020

Report prepared for the Adelaide Zero Project by The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise, University of South Australia.

Posted 21-12-2020
Housing First Principles for Australia

Authors: Rosie Dodd (Launch Housing), Natasha Rodrigues (Micah Projects), Tamara Sequeira (Homelessness NSW) and Leah Watkins (Ruah Community Services).

The Housing First Principles for Australia were adopted by the Homelessness Australia Board on 5 March 2020. This project has been made possible through the generosity of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation in Melbourne, the Sisters of St John of God and Ruah Community Services, along with the above-mentioned organisations who supported their employee’s participation in Homelessness Australia’s Housing First Project. To find out more visit

Posted 30-10-2020
Advance to Zero: Campaign Briefing

AAEH is seeking to implement an Advance to Zero campaign - a national movement of communities working together to permanently house and support Australia’s most vulnerable people starting with rough sleeping – including individuals, families, and children living in cars, squats, motels and cycling through short-term accommodation options.

The campaign supports community-based efforts to build public support for ending homelessness and political support for renewed Commonwealth and State investment in housing, support services and healthcare for the most vulnerable.

The campaign is inspired by 100,000 Homes campaign in the United States and the 20,000 Homes campaign in Canada and has been adapted to work in the Australian Context.

Posted 17-06-2020
AAEH Submission to the Inquiry into the Homelessness in Australia

12 June 2020

"Homelessness is a policy choice. It will be the actions of policy makers that enables Australia to not just manage, or even reduce homelessness – but to end it for individuals, population groups, communities and ultimately all of Australia."

This submission sets out:

  • Part A - Our response and views on the impacts of COVID-19 on rough sleeping homelessness.
  • Part B - The policies needed to end rough sleeping homelessness in Australia.
  • Part C - Further background on the AAEH, our international partners and our work.
  • Part D - How we have adapted the Zero Homelessness Methodology to support its implementation in Australia.
  • Part E – Additional advice regarding specific Committee terms of reference.
Posted 09-06-2020
50 lives 50 Homes: A Housing First Response to Ending Homelessness in Perth

The third report evaluating the 50 lives and 50 Homes program in Perth. The program is the first Housing First response to ending homelessness in Western Australia and is delivered by more than 30 organisations from the community, housing, health and justice sectors.

For the last four years, 50 lives 50 homes has been housing and providing wrap-around support to Perth’s most vulnerable people experiencing homelessness, while also creating opportunities for them to connect and participate with their communities for a safe and meaningful life.

Posted 02-06-2020
Homes beyond COVID: Let’s get the job done

A Sustainable response to Rough Sleeping, Winter 2020.

There has never been a better time to end rough sleeping homelessness in Australia than right now.

As we know, we are not through this crisis yet and to get the job done we need a sustainable COVID-19 response to rough sleeping homelessness. This paper sets out what we think that should look like.

Posted 07-04-2020
Australian Health, Housing and Homelessness Network (A3HN) factsheet

The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) is seeking to establish the Australian Health, Housing and Homelessness Network to improve the health and housing outcomes of people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

Posted 20-01-2020
Ending Homelessness - Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Agenda

It is our belief that we could end homelessness in Australia by building a system whereby any individuals, women and children, and families who experience homelessness for any reason it should be rare brief and non-reoccurring.

Posted 19-01-2020
Leaving No-one Behind – A National Policy for Health Equity, Housing and Homelessness

Participants from a national health, homelessness and vulnerably housed roundtable call for the development of a national policy on health equity housing and homelessness to ensure that no one is left behind. We need to by provide access to timely and appropriate services that can meet the multiple psycho-social and health needs of vulnerable groups.

Despite having a universal health system, not all Australians enjoy health equity. Physical and mental health outcomes in this country follow a social gradient, which means the higher up the social scale a person is, the better their health outcomes and overall life expectancy.

Posted 03-12-2019
Adelaide Zero Project Implementation Plan 2018 - 2020: Ending street homelessness in the inner city

This Plan sets out the next steps in the development of the project, the timeline for key activities and, crucially, which organisations will take responsibility for delivering the various elements of the Project.

Published February 2018.

This Implementation Plan is a starting point. One of the core components of the whole project is continuous improvement. To that end this will not be a static document; it will continue to evolve and be refined and that is why we have called it Version 1.0. In particular the mechanism documents that underpin the Plan will become the responsibility of the lead agencies nominated. They will update these and develop them further to ensure they support the Adelaide Zero Project goal of ending homelessness among people sleeping rough in Adelaide’s inner city.